December 2018 - Stirling, Scotland - Deanston Organic 15YO

December 2018 - Stirling, Scotland - Deanston Organic 15YO

December 2018 - Stirling, Scotland - Deanston Organic 15YO



This month we’re off to Perthshire to sample the delights of one of the most independent and environmentally committed distilleries in Scotland; Deanston. At one stage the village and community were so self-contained they even had their own currency; French and Spanish coins were stamped and known as ‘Deanstons’.

The story begins in 1785 with the opening of Deanston Cotton Mill. The mill was at the very heart of the community, providing employment to around 1500 people. The mill flourished, and as the workforce grew, a self-contained village was created, with housing and grocers buildings which continue to form the centre of modern-day Deanston.  

Changing times meant Deanston Cotton Mill had to close, but in 1965 the Mill found a new life as the home of Deanston handcrafted Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Situated on the banks of the River Teith, powered by sustainable energy, with an abundance of bright, soft water and a cool, bespoke weaving shed, perfect for whisky maturation, Deanston Distillery as born.

The change from Cotton Mill to Distillery began in 1966, a year after the closure of the mill, and by 1971 the first bottles were being labelled, albeit under the name Old Bannockburn and the first single malt bearing the name Deanston was produced in 1974.

The Distillery remains self-sufficient today through the 1949 installation of a hydro-turbine and steam generator that replaced what was once the world's largest waterwheel; aptly named Hercules. The system still satisfies the needs of the distillery and even returns energy to the Scottish national grid.

The Deanston Distillery warehouse is an architecturally striking building recognised as one of Scotland’s most significant surviving Regency Industry Buildings and described by whisky guru Jim Murray as a “cathedral to whisky maturation”. 45,000 casks are maturing in this house of worship, and new meaning is brought to the term "Angel's Share".  

The whisky can be described and beautifully balanced and a testament to a journey of sustainability. The 15-year age statement declares the commitment to the cause, sourcing and adhering to the Organic Food Federation, using only Scottish grown barley free from pesticides and chemicals. It is the true expression of this small community of dedicated whisky producers that have been on this journey for more than two hundred years. While the distillery opened just over 50 years ago (young compared to many distilleries) the village and building of Deanston have been doing it this way for centuries.


Colour: Soft Gold

Nose: Sweet, soft and fruity, balanced with woody American oak notes

Palate: Malt and honeyed spice with the smooth, creamy sweetness of vanilla.

Finish: Incredibly crisp with a long lasting oaky sweetness.