June 2019 - Ballindalloch, Scotland - The Glenlivet Nadurra FF American Oak Cask Strength

June 2019 - Ballindalloch, Scotland - The Glenlivet Nadurra FF American Oak Cask Strength

June 2019 - Ballindalloch, Scotland - The Glenlivet Nadurra FF American Oak Cask Strength


BATCH 115 ABV59.8%

The remote and isolated Livet valley made it ideal for illicit distillation. This is where founder George Smith learned his craft. Hidden away from the Customs Officers and soldiers amongst the hills and abundant springs, George had time to distil slowly making a whisky that would soon become world renowned. In August 1822, King George IV arrived in Scotland for a state visit and asked to try a drop of the infamous Glenlivet whisky. An illegal dram it was, but even that didn’t stop the King.

The Glenlivet Distillery sits in a wild and remote glen, its history laced with drama and intrigue. So in every bottle of whisky made, as much of the spirit of the glen is captured as possible.

In the early 19th Century, Glenlivet was the word for the best in whisky. Universally demanded by the aristocracy and the King, Glenlivet was the guarantee of a quality borne out of an unflinching conviction to produce the best there was. In 1824 George Smith was granted the first legal licence to distil in Glenlivet. From this date on, only this Scotch has had the right to call itself The Glenlivet.

Today, still considered the definitive Speyside malt produced in the Livet Valley, The Glenlivet exhibits the characteristic delicacy and softness of the region.

It is acclaimed for its balance and perfect finish and is the benchmark against which all other malts are measured.

The Glenlivet set the standard in quality and taste that went on to define the Speyside style of whisky. There were many imitators, but no equals. That’s why a landmark case in 1884 ruled in favour of our single malt being the only one that could call itself The Glenlivet. To this day, The Glenlivet remains the benchmark that all other Speyside single malts are measured against.

In the Speyside region, or more specially located 10 miles (or 16kms) from Tomintoul.

Nàdurra, meaning “natural” in Gaelic, is The Glenlivet’s range of small-batch expressions made using traditional 19th-century techniques. The Nàdurra First Fill is drawn from casks made of American white oak which have never before been used to mature Scotch whisky. These oak casks, which distillers at The Glenlivet have favoured since the early 1900s, impart hints of creamy vanilla to this wonderfully rich single malt. You’ll really taste the effects of that white oak, beautifully complemented by sweet pear, tropical pineapple, ripe banana and citric sparkle. This is a cask-strength single malt that represents the skill of our team and the tradition of The Glenlivet. And unlike most modern whiskies, this one is non-chill filtered, so it’s very richly textured. It’s an expression that will appeal to the intrepid whisky lover.

White oak suffuses this traditional single malt with sublime notes of sweet vanilla. Wonderfully creamy, with vanilla and ripe fruits

Appearance Light gold
Aroma Sweet pears, soft vanilla fudge
Taste Juicy pineapple, ripe banana, citrus zest
Finish Medium, refreshing
Strength: ABV 59.8%
Bottle size: 700ml
Other: Natural cork stopper
Packaging: Boxed